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Technique and Strategy Articles from Sue Ellis

The resource articles on this page are all copyrighted materials from Olympic coach Sue Ellis who has generously permitted the Potomac Speedskating Club to post these articles. You can learn more about Sue Ellis and her Ellis Edge programs by visiting

Created by Sue Ellis, former US Olympic Speed Skating Coach
July 12      To Try is to Fail
March 12      Fair Play in Sports
Dec 11      The Tip Over Toe Start
Oct  11      John Wooden on Success
Apr  11      Press In To Push
Mar  11      Time Trialing
Feb 11      Relays – Part 2
Jan 11      Relays – Part 1
Oct 10      The Straightaway Shuffle
Sept 10      Skating with your Core
July 10       Train Fast to Skate Fast
June 10      FOCUS!
April 10      Why Are The Koreans So Good?
Dec 09      Presscoopinchpushpinish
Oct 09       Basic Position – The Arch
        Revised Sept. 2011
Sept 09       Dynamic Flexibility
June 09       75 Great Reasons To Train
April 09       Gather the Power
March 09     The Competition Plan
Nov 08      Start Strategy
Oct 08      Start Technique
Sept 08      IT – The Success factor
April 08      Moving Hips in the Corner
Feb 08      Moving hips in to Push
Jan 08      Entry and Exit Width
Dec 07      Entry and Exit Trajectory
Nov 07      The Extra Crossover
Oct 07        Building endurance
Sept 07      The 3 Keys Checklist
June 07      Warm Ups and Warm Downs
April  07      Summer Games
March  07      The Slingshot Pass
February 07   Chest In to Corner
October 06 –   Games
March 06      Tapering
Feb 06          Outside Passing
Jan 06           Inside Passing
November 05    Japanese 4 Eyes Technique
August 05    Masters Skating
July 05         Training for Starts
June 05        Core Strength
May 05          Setting Up Blade Off Set
April 05          Strategy for Success
March 05          Its All About Winning
January 05          Tracks
December 04            The Corner Lay In Revised Jan 2012
November 04             Upper Body/ Chest Position  Revised Jan 2012
October 04               Butt Power  Revised Jan 2012
September 04          A Time to Get High,  A Time to Get Low 
August 04          Check Your Butt
May 04          Youth Strength Training
April 04          Post Season Evaluation
March 04      Start Position
February 04          The Outside Edge – Is it overrated? 
January 04          Hip Dip
December 03          Bucket Drills
November 03          Do You Let Yourself Be Your Best?
October 03          Starting the Season off Right
August 03          Partner Pull
July 03          Diagonal Hill Steps
June 03          Specificity in Training
May 03          Summer Training 
April 03          The Butt Tuck
February 03          The Corner Armswing
January  03          Improving your Power with Jumps
December 02          Bend the Ankle
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